Since we want to give talented people a way to distribute their games without having to take care of all this crazy paperwork, we decided to open our possibilitys to other people aswell. Currently we are working closely with the GameMaker:Studio community to help bring out the most promising games currently in development. If you think you have a great idea, or a project that needs some help to get released dont hesitate to contact us through our form or directly under [email protected]. At the published page you can see which games we have published already and which are currently under development.

Frequently asked questions

Can you publish my game?

Yes. We would love to get in touch with you for more information.

What can you do for my game?

This depends on your games needs. Basically we will help you to distribute your game on Steam, as of right now all our games are Steam exclusive. Ever wanted to have a game on Steam? Great! Let us know then. Right now the games are only on sale through Steam directly, our website, and some stores that allow distributing steam-keys only aswell. If you are interested to join us we can help you sell your game to millions of gamers!

Will i keep my intelectual property?

Yes. We just want to help you sell your game on Steam. You will keep your whole intelectual property. This is also stated in every contract and will never change. We don’t want to steal your franchises or ideas.

Why was my game rejected?

This is hard to answer because it depends on each game individually. But right now we receive TONS of publishing requests. There are just way to many Indie Game Developers that we could ever take care off. Right now all partners get all attention they need, if we would take every request into our portfolio we would never be able to help you guys as much as we do right now. So overall this is just for the best of our current partners. I hope you understand that and if you weren’t rejected you will notice how much more personal it will be this way.

Do you fund your partners?

This depends on the game itself, if a game is mostly finished it doesn’t need any further funding. But if there are some developers that can’t continue work on their game without funding we will find a way to make that possible. Depending on the Game’s state we can offer different options which needs to be discussed directly. If your project needs funding to continue development please give us a notification about that in your email aswell with all other important information.

Do i have to use GameMaker:Studio or GameMaker:Studio 2 ?

No. Not at all, its a handy tool which is awesome for 2D projects. We have the option to deploy for all interesting platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) because of existing licenses. However your game can be written in any language or engine aslong as its possible to deploy to those three platforms. If you need help on licensing we can also try to see what we can do for you about that.